Medical Travelling

“Non-Emergency Medical Transportation”

At ESL, when it comes to you or your family’s medical needs regarding transportation. Our team has the highest reputation and professionalism regarding this matter.

Our customer representatives will work with you to assess your travel requirements and conditions based on information provided by you during your booking. We will then ensure that you get the perfect car service transportation solution to complete your mission critical travel requirements. 

ESL Limousine provides transportation services for people with disabilities in New York State. We also work with other cities and neighboring states. We pay special attention to this type of transportation since we understand that comfort and safety during transportation are very important for you and your loved ones. Wheelchair passengers are transported in specialized mini buses equipped with special ramps, as well as seat belts. We guarantee the highest level of service with affordable and competitive prices. No matter the distance, time of year, weather outside, and even remote parts of the state will not affect the level of our service.

We should be your only consideration when the critical nature of your car service transportation requires perfection. We guarantee performance through experience. ESL Limousine is a company that is based on the vision and mission of commitment to excellence, and quality service. Our professional team has extensive experience in this field and you will appreciate our service and will use it repeatedly. Our highly trained drivers are professionals in their field who will accompany you throughout your trip. Even if you need help after the trip, our drivers will assist you and will also take care of your leisure and entertainment during the trip

Our vehicles are equipped with everything necessary for your comfort and safety:

  • Seating capacity for up to 7 passengers and 2 wheelchairs. 
  • Electric Lift System
  • Side Sliding Door
  • Spacious Leather Interior 
  • Wheelchair Attachment System
  • Air Conditioning
  • Climate Control